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Friday, February 7, 2014

Daryl Dixon ("The Walking Dead") vs. Boba Fett (the "Star Wars" saga)!

On the last episode of "Daryl Dixon vs. Boba Fett," we saw the penciled and inked versions of this piece, originally created to kick off a monthly series of "mini" sketch giveaways ( As you can see, here we have the finished piece, shrouded in darkness and under a harvest moon.

At first, I planned on throwing down the color in acrylic paints but since my insanely gorgeous girlfriend, Tracy gave me a set of Copic art markers for Christmas, I figured I'd give them a shot as well as using some of my Prismacolor markers as support. Some of the white accents were done with a Bic correction fluid pen. Now all that's left is to shoot this off to the Howler who offered up the most guesses, Mike Downie.

And now, it's time to fire up something new! Any suggestions - and commissions - are welcome! ;)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Daryl Dixon vs. Boba Fett: The First "Mini," Penciled and Inked

Well, the feedback on my first "minis" contest was pretty lukewarm (, so I'm changing things up a bit in the hopes I can reinvigorate you Howlers' interest in scoring some cool custom art. Since some of y'all forgot I was giving this "Daryl Dixon vs..." piece away, I'm posting the pencils and finished inks (Micron pen, kids!) before finishing this sucker off in color (acrylic paint, to be specific) after the holidays.

So now that you've all seen that the"The Walking Dead"'s star tracker/hunter/killer/badass/heartthrob's mystery opponent is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett, I've decided after I finish the colors, I'm mailing if off to the Howler who hedged the most - albeit unsuccessful, one and all - guesses, Mike Downie. Hey, at least he gave it a shot! :) After I square away the paints, Mikey, it's all yours.

That said, I'll reconfigure the "minis" concept and keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Daryl vs...": My First "Mini" Contest!

(Work in progress...)

So with a brand-spanking-new season of "The Walking Dead" underway, I was inspired to draw a comic book-style piece inspired by the show's resident badass, crossbow-slinging Daryl Dixon. But this one's got a twist...

In this rendering, Daryl's facing off against a non-undead mystery threat, a character not featured on the show or in the comic book which inspired the show. This particular threat, however, is a pop culture icon who is just as deadly - if not deadlier - as Dixon.

So, here's where you come in, Howlers...

Once it's finished, this inked and fully hand-colored piece will be up for grabs to the one Howler who can guess exactly who Daryl Dixon is facing in his standoff. But here's the rub...

You have to be a member of my Creation Nation "Howlers" page on Facebook ( OR a "Twowler" (a Twitter "Howler") on my Twitter account ( On either page (comments section of the Facebook page regarding this link or in reply to any of my Tweets regarding this link), post who you think Daryl's secret opponent is.

There's no limit to your guessing but you cannot edit your post to change your answer (on the Facebook page). If you need to guess again or correct yourself, just type out a new comment. Edited posts will be disregarded.

The first correct Howler wins. Easy as pie (pie not included).

But that's not all!

This "Daryl vs..." piece is the first in what I'm calling my "'Mini' Contests." Every month, I'm going to render a smaller piece (comic book-style, about a standard letter size, 8 1/2" X 11", penciled, inked and hand-colored on Bristol Board) and I'm offering it up to a "Howler" each time. The rules to winning might be different each time depending on the subject matter or it could just be a random thing (or maybe I'll even ask YOU to choose the subject/subjects with the best idea winning the "Mini"!) but I'm doing it to show my appreciation. 

Because without "Howlers," who would I share my art with?

Oh, by the way...the contest starts NOW!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Because Daryl Dixon Cares About Glenn...and Steve Kim

After Sunday night's brand-new episode of "The Walking Dead," I couldn't resist this meme of my fictional, post-apocalyptic guiding light, Daryl Dixon, setting professional boxer James "Lights Out" Toney straight. If they watch "The Walking Dead," fight fans who remember the unfiltered Toney's banter with's Steve Kim will get this. The rest of y'all will understandably be scratching your heads.