Commission Information!

I’m NEVER too busy and I NEVER not have the time to accept commissions. I don’t just render famous people either. I’m great with family members too and I’d love to work on any subject you’d like rendered. They make excellent gifts, whether for a member of the family or if you just wanna be selfish and keep it for yourself. In the spirit of competition and trying to sum up what would be a better deal for a potential customer, I have searched pretty hard for what a fair price on personalized portraiture and you’d be hard-pressed to find a fairer deal on the quality I offer.

To save you time, I’ve provided a list of basic prices for pieces that feature up to two subjects. Acrylic commissions larger than 16” X 20” are more than welcome but rarely requested; typically done on stretched canvas. Please inquire if any size over 16” X 20” floats your boat! 

All prices are for a maximum of two subjects. $50 each additional subject. 

Acrylic-Stretched Canvas
48" X 60"- $1100
36" X 48"- $800
24" X 36"- $500
18" X 24"- $350 

Acrylic-Canvas Panel
24" X 36"- $500
18" X 24"- $350
16” X 20”- $300
14” X 18”- $250
12” X 16”- $200
11" X 14"- $175 

Graphite-Matted and Framed
14” X 17” (matted to a 16” X 20” frame)- $200
11” X 14” (matted to a 14” X 17” frame)- $150

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